Our Mission is simple

At Pain and Functional Medicine our goal is to empower patients with the tools to not only reduce their pain symptoms, but to actually heal their underlying diseases. Let us help get you back in the driver's seat!

We start by treating your pain. That's where treatment ends at many "traditional" specialists. But we're just getting started! We will help you identify foods and fluids that you are consuming, often many times a day, that are making your pain worse (by actually causing or promoting the inflammation that creates pain). We will work WITH you to make the lifestyle and dietary changes to actually treat your pain at its root, that than just a band-aid on the surface. Most importantly, we will help you understand what is actually causing your pain so hat you can have all the tools you need on your road to recovery.

Imagine you had a 50 year old tree in your backyard that developed a disease that caused the leaves to turn orange. What is the proper treatment of that problem? Would you accept as treatment a can of green spray paint? Wouldn't you prefer a treatment that corrected a problem in the trees soil, went up through your tree's root system and allowed the leaves, healed, to turn green naturally?