You are not alone!! Chronic pain affects 30-40% of the population and can detroy quality of life and cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction. Let us help you get back in control.

Most pain clinics treat patient's pain through injections given at the nerve or bone areas of the pain and inflammation. These injections are usually a combination of two kinds of medicine: an anesthetic, to numb the area for a while, and a steroid. But these numbing medications are just band-aids. They mask the pain, but do nothing to eliminate the reasons for it.

Steroids are inflammation stoppers. Injected steroids are good because they may actially stop the inglammation that is responsible for the vicious cycle of pain. Injected steroids are bad, however, because over time they cause bones, cartilage, tendons and muscles to thin and weaken and die. Steroids can also cause or worsen diabetes and cause other whole body diseases. This produces, in the end, worse problems than when your started. 



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